Brian Mountain


Manager of Advanced Analytics

Brian leads AHCI’s efforts to understand the story that the data is
trying to tell us. Whether that is through in-depth statistical
analysis, predictive analysis, or through data visualizations, Brian’s
main goal is to help people better understand the behavioral health
system as seen through the data. He has over 15 years experience
programming in over a dozen programming languages. Brian has also
developed and maintains the AHCI web site, as well as some of our
web-based applications, and supports AHCI’s reporting and mapping
efforts. Though his work doesn’t lead to much interaction with the
people we serve, Brian is motivated by the hope that his work can have an
impact on the system and improve care for people in behavioral health
treatment. Outside of work, he is an avid baseball fan and enjoys
working on his house while listening to the Pirates game on the radio.


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