AHCI provides oversight of the HealthChoices (Medicaid) Behavioral Health program for our clients.

AHCI believes in accountability at all levels of behavioral health systems. We add value to the oversight process through our expertise in managed care operations, continuous quality management, and data evaluation and reporting.

AHCI staff:

  • Ensures that managed care companies comply with the requirements of their contract. This involves both fiscal and programmatic compliance.
  • Monitors managed care companies’ quality management efforts. Staff encourages thoughtful, planned quality improvement activities so that results can be measured, studied, and assessed on their effectiveness.
  • Evaluates complex data sets, providing comprehensive and understandable analysis. Topics can include service utilization, demographics, financial impact, outcomes, trending over time, and the relationship of data points to one another.
  • Develops user-friendly, data-driven reports. Reports are for a variety of audiences, including clients, funders, service users, and other system stakeholders.
  • Manages the implementation of new projects, services, and/or evidence-based practices.