Allegheny HealthChoices understands that housing means more to people than simply having a place to sleep.

It’s about having a safe haven from the rest of the world; a place where you make the decisions … about furniture, groceries, guests. It’s about having a place to call home.

AHCI’s staff has worked with clients on housing strategies that focus on integrated, affordable, permanent supported housing for people who have behavioral health disorders and extremely low incomes.

We have experience:

  • Conducting inventory and needs assessments.
  • Facilitating diverse stakeholder advisory committees and focus groups, and moving these groups toward the common goal of a recovery-oriented, evidence-based strategic housing plan.
  • Implementing innovative housing plans that allow people with behavioral health disorders to access affordable, integrated, community-based housing and supports.
  • Evaluating the implementation process and participants’ outcomes as part of continuous quality improvement efforts.
  • Providing clients with comprehensive and user-friendly reports on implementation progress and housing outcomes.