Current Projects

Allegheny County CTT Consultation

AHCI is engaged in a long-term technical assistance partnership with the providers of CTT services in Allegheny County. Our services include provider trainings, individualized technical assistance on implementing the ACT model and other evidence-based practices, and outcomes and fidelity monitoring.

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Mayview Regional Service Area Plan

AHCI was contracted by five counties in southwestern PA to manage the downsizing and eventual closure of Mayview State Hospital. This project included the coordination of the following activities:

  • Community Support Plan (CSP) Discharge Planning – A recovery-oriented, externally and independently facilitated planning process focused on the goals of the consumers.
  • Service Development – including both county-specific as well as regional service development.
  • Financial Management.
  • IT Support, including the development of customized web applications for the MRSAP discharge activities, as well as incident tracking and reporting.


Acute Community Support Plan Project

AHCI was contracted by Allegheny County to develop and implement a community support plan (CSP) process for people with highly complex needs in restrictive community based settings (e.g. inpatient psychiatric hospitals, extended acute care units). The acute CSP process is facilitated by an experienced AHCI clinician, with the goal of developing a thorough plan focused on the goals of each individual consumer and in collaboration with community providers and natural supports.

Beaver County Permanent Supportive Housing

AHCI is assisting Beaver County with the implementation of its permanent supportive housing plan. The plan takes a collaborative approach, with AHCI staff coordinating eligibility reviews, working with the local housing authority on apartment inspections and voucher applications, recruiting landlords for participation, assisting people in their search for affordable units in the community, collaborating with treatment teams on the development of supports and services, helping people move into their apartments, and tracking and reporting on program outcomes.

Allegheny County Permanent Supportive Housing

AHCI has assisted Allegheny County in the development and implementation of the “Housing as Home” Allegheny County Permanent Supportive Housing Strategic Plan. AHCI’s responsibilities have included facilitating the needs assessment, coordinating technical assistance, managing the request for proposal process and the stakeholder proposal review. AHCI continues to monitor and coordinate implementation activities and track and report on outcomes of the Housing as Home Plan.

Customized Web Applications (state hospital downsizing/closure)

AHCI-developed applications are supporting two regional area initiatives in closing and/or reducing the capacity of state-operated mental hospitals and the transition of care to community-based behavioral health systems.

In the closing of Mayview State Hospital, AHCI-developed online, web-based systems to help facilitate the process of assessing consumers’ needs and developing community support plans (CSPs). Post-discharge, this application is used to track the status of consumers in the community. Through integration with warehoused claims data, comprehensive reporting is possible linking outcomes and service provision.

The application also provides for maintenance and notification of critical incident/early warning data. The application served a similar function in the reduction of capacity at Torrance State Hospital and its service region.

This application has supported 15 Pennsylvania counties in the reduction of state-provided services and the transition to a community-based model.

CTT Tracking Application

AHCI has developed an online, web-based application to track and report consumer-level and aggregate activity for Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)/Community Treatment Teams (CTT). Data is captured on various domains including housing, employment, hospitalization and criminal justice as well as the use of crisis services and natural supports. Reporting is available in detail or in summary form by domain. This application is currently in use by four Pennsylvania counties.

Data Warehouse – Allegheny County HealthChoices Program

AHCI has developed a comprehensive data warehousing solution to meet statutory, monitoring and oversight needs for the HealthChoices (Medicaid managed care) program in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

The warehouse is built using open technology and best-of-breed database, ETL, OLAP and reporting tools. Data sources include the County’s managed care contractor, the County’s behavioral health service collection system, the County’s children, youth and family and juvenile justice systems, as well as state mental hospital data.

An integrated view of the behavioral health system is provided through the use of sophisticated OLAP (online analytical processing) and reporting tools.

Beaver County – Data Integration

Supporting various clinical consulting initiatives, service data from the County’s HealthChoices program has been integrated with County-funded service data to allow for a comprehensive view of their behavioral health system. Additional data sources include critical incident/early warning data as well as historical state mental hospital data from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Analysis is enabled through the use of OLAP (online analytical processing) and traditional reporting tools.

Data Warehouse – Fayette County MH/MR Program

AHCI has deployed its data warehousing solution to support the managed care Medicaid (HealthChoices) program in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. This warehouse contains data from the County’s managed care contractor in such areas as membership, eligibility, authorizations and paid claims.

Built on an open structure, off-the-shelf reporting tools are used to provide convenient access to this data. AHCI has also provided consulting to Fayette County’s MH/MR program in such areas as IT staffing and infrastructure design.

Data Warehouse – Chester County

AHCI has provided its data warehousing solution to support the managed care Medicaid (HealthChoices) program in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This warehouse contains data from the County’s managed care contractor in such areas as membership, eligibility, authorizations and paid claims.

Built on an open structure, off-the-shelf reporting and OLAP (online analytical processing) tools are used to provide convenient access to data.