Wellness Peer Coaching

Dr. Peggy Swarbrick and her colleagues developed the 8 Dimensions of Wellness and Wellness Coaching Model through collaboration between staff at Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey and faculty in Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions, UMDNJ-SHRP.

This model is being implemented across the country, and in Allegheny County, to assist people with mental health disorders reduce health disparities and increase their quality and quantity of life.

Wellness Coaching is designed to help people identify and pursue a change they would like to make in one dimension of wellness, with particular emphasis in the physical wellness domain. A Wellness Coach works collaboratively with the coachee (person wanting to make a change, or health improvement) to help him/her through a systematic process. The coach brings expertise in the steps of wellness coaching, skill in allying with and communicating with the coachee. The coachee brings knowledge and experience of his/her own strengths and the desire to change. During this brief 6-8 week intervention, coachees build the habits, routines, and self-accountability needed to sustain wellness, with the overall goal of decreasing disparities in health and wellness between those who have mental health diagnoses and those who do not.

In 2013, AHCI trained local Community Treatment Teams (CTT’s), and developed and implemented outcomes. Sustainability is supported via ongoing outcomes reporting and discussion and annual trainings of “Orientation to Wellness Coaching” and the full course.