History and Vision

AHCI began in 1998 to assure Allegheny County’s smooth transition to a Medicaid behavioral health managed care program. Today, we work with other agencies and organizations to ensure that people have ready access to recovery-oriented, high quality behavioral health services, and we help build capacity so that systems are able to respond to change and continuously improve.

Our Approach

Our team of experienced professionals is unique in its broad scope, commitment, personal style, and ability to use data, analytics and clinical expertise to evaluate and improve behavioral health services.

While holding the values of quality and recovery in the forefront:

  • We use data to evaluate outcomes, which informs areas of future need and program improvements.
  • We work with county governments, managed care organizations, providers, service users and other stakeholders to look at challenges from every angle and consider all solutions.
  • We provide consultation and training to assist providers with the implementation of the most clinically sound, evidence-based practices.
  • We provide public education to build awareness of behavioral health as an illness from which people can and do recover, so that people can seek treatment without stigma.