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Trauma-Informed Care

Many children and adults receiving mental health or substance abuse services have experienced trauma in their lives. Better addressing trauma within the behavioral health system is a priority at the local, state and national levels. This report includes information on trauma and its impact, how providers can develop trauma-informed services, and resources about trauma. Personal stories of several individuals who have recovered from trauma are also featured.

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Several individuals shared their own stories of recovery for this report:
“For me, therapy was a lifeline of support along with my strong faith in God. As of today, I feel so whole again and healed beyond my wildest imagination.”
Click here to read more about one woman’s recovery after the trauma of her husband’s arrest and conviction as a sexual offender.

“What I eventually discovered is that, for me, recovery from my own trauma could be painstakingly difficult and surprisingly rewarding.”
Click here to read more about a therapist’s recovery from the trauma of a car accident.

“I continue to learn about the art of medicine from my patients who share the depths of their suffering...I recognize the importance of a genuine, caring relationship.”
Click here to read more about building a safe treatment environment from a local psychiatrist, Dr. Stephanie Richards.

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